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Workshop Step-by-Step Guide

Edit Workshops

From the Schedule Page: Edit Workshops Click the +New Button.

Workshop Description

Workshop Description

Required Fields

  • Branch: Select the branch / location for the workshop.

    If the workshop is taking place outside your studio location, select the location to credit sales and attendance.

  • Name: A unique name for your workshop, keep it simple and direct. eg: Level 2 Teacher Training 2016.

  • Start Date: Select the date the workshop will start.

  • End Date: Select the date the workshop will end.

  • Close Registration On: The date online registration for the workshop / Teacher Training will close.

  • Public: Check this box if you want your workshop visible to on your online schedule and publish portal.

  • Workshop URL: This the URL you way want to share on an email or link to a Buy Now Button.

  • Description: Add the details of your workshop or event. You can:

    • Add a Description
    • Format the text
    • Add links to websites or surveys
    • Add Images
    • Create your own HTML design.

You have now completed the basic setup, click Save.

Once your workshop is saved with a description, you'll see the option to add Classes and Packages.


Adding Package(s) for your workshop. Click on the Packages tab, then click on the New button.

Workshop Tabs Package

On the new Package screen, enter the relevant information.

Workshop Packages

  • Enter a selling price
  • Enter a max discount (Defaults to zero)
  • Workshop Packages will automatically expire at the end of the workshop.
  • Select the mailing list (optional)
  • Select an email template (Optional)


To add Class(es) for your workshop:

  1. Click on the Classes tab. Then click New.
  2. On the New Class screen, enter the relevant information.

    The steps are similar to creating a class under the class listing menu, except these classes are only valid for this specific workshop.

  3. Make sure to click Save when you're done.

    You can create as many classes as you need for your workshop. We will add students to all the classes when the workshop is purchased. You do not have to complete all the steps in one. Make sure to save your workshop after completing each step.

  4. Once you have created all your packages and classes, the last step is to publish your workshop. Click Publish button.

    Note: in order to see the Publish button on your screen, you have to create at least one class and one package.


If you have embedded workshops on your website - once the workshop is published - it will be visible on your website.

See Vidoe below:

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