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Student Details

The Student Details screen has 7 tabs Information, Plans, Notes, History and Medical Alerts Tab Updates and Mailing Lists each displaying various information on the selected student.

Click Students from the top menu bar and select a student to open the Student Details screen.

Note: a student must be selected to see to see the 6 tabs.

Student Information


Provides basic student information such as name, address, phone and email. This screen also shows membership information. From the information tab, you can edit student info, add a new student and email a student.

To Edit

  1. Search for the student you want to edit.
  2. Change any field.
  3. Click Save.

    Note: this is where you can change a student's name, not from the main dashboard.

To Add a New Student

  1. Click Add New Student at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Enter the new student's information in the appropriate fields.

  3. Click Save.

    Note: First Name and Last Name are required fields. If the email address is omitted, the record will not be added to the integrated email marketing partner.

  4. Email the student: Click Email for a pop-up window. Emails sent from Karmasoft include your studio logo. For help uploading a logo, see Studio Settings


View and manage memberships, packages and workshops.

Stuent Plans Details

Active student plans screen displays the following options/info:

  • Transfer button - Transfer a plan to another student.
  • Suspend button - Freeze/suspend a current plan, and activate later.
  • Name - Name of the student plan (same as the session card product name).
  • Remaining - Number of classes remaining on the package.
  • Unlimited - Determines if the plan is unlimited or not.
  • Groups - The group this package is valid for.
  • Expiry Date - The date the package will expire.

To Edit an Active Plan

Click on the plan or the circled arrow to the right of the plan.

More on editing/viewing expired, pending, suspended or transferred plans.

Edit Student Plans


Tracks your interaction with students. Student Notes

  • Adding a new note: Click the green Add New Note button.
  • Adding a new task: Click the green Add New Task button. More info on Tasks here.


Displays a breakdown of student attendance.

Options: show visits or purchases; display as a list or calendar; choose dates; export as CSV or PDF files.

Medical Alerts

Centralizes this important information for teachers/front desk staff. Medical alerts will appear as an icon beside a student's name when they sign in to class.

To add a new alert, click Add New Alert on the bottom of the screen.

Tab Updates

Tracks tab amounts, justifications and dates received. Tab Update

To edit tabs from this screen, click the green Edit button next to the On Tab field.

See article on how to share a class card among family members.

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