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Marketing Campaigns With Targeted Data

Marketing reports

Marketing reports help you target student groups for the most effective campaigns.

Go to: [Activities & Reports] -> [Marketing]

Reports Marketing New Students

You can filter reports by branch, dates, or customized dates.

The following reports are available:

  • New Students: Show new students with a selected date range.
  • Birthdays: A list with a birthday within a selected date range.
  • Returning: Returned rate for students.
  • First Visit: List of students based on first visit date.
  • Last Visit: List of students based on a last visit date.
  • Last Purchase: List of students based of last product purchased.
  • Expiring Cards: List of session cards/memberships based on expiry date. range.
  • Class Attendance: List of students by class attendance and date range.
  • Polls: Poll data from results
  • Tags: List of students based on student tags and date range.

Reports Marketing tags

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