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Class Schedule

Assign Teachers, Edit classes, Sub Teachers, and Book Students.

Click the Schedule icon from the menu bar to access and edit your studio schedule.

Dashboard Navigation

Admin view of the calendar is where you can make short-term changes to your class schedule including:

  • assign an instructor
  • substitute a teacher
  • cancel an individual class
  • book a student into a class

Any changes made to the schedule will be live on your embedded schedule.

All information entered from this Schedule screen will connect to your online calendar.

Admin Schedule Page

Note: The schedule/calendar is mobile responsive and will adjust to any screen size.

Assign an Instructor to a Class

Click on the Assign button below the class. Note: to toggle between options, click the upward arrow box shown next to Assign below.

Edit Schedule

  1. Select the instructor.
  2. Enter the start and end date of the assignment.
  3. Click Save.

Manually Sub a Teacher for a Single Class

Click Sub directly below the class.

Manually Sub a Teacher

  1. Select the instructor.
  2. Enter the start and end date of the assignment.
  3. Click Save.

Edit or Request a Sub

  • Click on the up arrow next to the sub button (shown below).
  • Click Edit or Sub Request and the corresponding pop-up screen will prompt you to edit or request a sub.

Note: For Sub Request, write text in the message field and it will be sent out as an email to your instructors, triggering an automated process. Teachers can also request subs for their own classes.

Cancel a Class

Click **Cancel** and the class will appear gray and be removed from your online schedule.

Click Restore in the same menu (which will show only on the grayed out classes) to instantly restore the class.

Manually Booking a Student Into a Class

Click Book and the Online Booking pop-up window will guide you through booking a student directly into the class.

This allows teachers to save time by booking a student into a class or workshop directly from the schedule.

Read more on how teachers can request a sub and the teacher permissions here.

Read more on how to embed your schedule onto your website here.

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