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Combine Duplicate Student Accounts

Merge Students is a helpful tool for combining duplicate accounts in your system. For example, if someone accidentally added a student twice under different names.

From the Settings menu, click Merge Students.

  1. Search for the incorrect student entry in the text field marked Source.

  2. Search for the correct student entry in the text field marked Target.

    In the example below: I'm merging Rudy Senecal into Roodolph Senecal. At the end of the merge, only Roodolph Senecal will remain in Karmasoft. Settings

Note: The student account on the left will be completely removed from the system, replaced by the Target account. All orders, attendances, student plans, gift cards, medical notes, notes and bookings will get appended to the new record. The email address, phone number and other personal info on the old record will be removed.

Before finalizing, take a moment to make sure you have the right accounts in the right fields since this action cannot be undone!

When you're sure, click the red Merge button to complete.

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