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Class Listing and Schedule

Quick edit screen is where you add or remove information from your schedule and edit recurring information about your classes, such as day and title:

  1. From your dashboard, click Schedule in the top right corner.
  2. Click Class Listing All of your classes will appear in a list format.

Class Listing

  • To change a class from open to closed, click the toggle button ON/OFF beside the class text field. When the button shows OFF, the class will no longer appear on your online schedule.

  • To edit a class, click the class or edit icon on the far right. A pop-up screen will isolate the class info and allow you to make changes.

Class Listing New

You can now make changes to your class listing. Change name, description, upload an image and more.

Note: You can include HTML code in your class description.

To make one-time changes to a class, like substituting a teacher or cancelling one class, see Managing your schedule

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