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Class Sign-In Panel

Managing Sign-In

The class sign-in shows all students in the selected class.

Panel

Class Check-in

Panel Top

  1. Select the class date. Default to the current system date.
  2. Select the class title. Only classes assigned for the selected date will be available in the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the instructor.

Note: Make sure you enter the correct teacher in this panel. If you change the teacher midway through class sign-in, the payroll will show up under both teachers names.

  1. If you've enabled the Assistants feature and assigned one to this class, their name will appear below the instructor. See how to enable assistants here.

  2. Search for students by name, email, phone number. Or, place your cursor in the Scan Barcode field and scan.

    Note: You can view a previous class list by selecting that date and the class.

Panel Bar

Close Class

Close the sign-in, this DOES NOT delete or change the list in any way. This is useful when you want to close the class and make a sale to a student without having to add them to a class. Or to clear the sign-in screen and leave it ready for the next class. Selecting a new class title will effectively do the same.

Email Class

Click Mail Class to open a new window for composing a message to everyone listed in the class.


Shows the number of students that have booked this class online. You can add them to class one by one or as a group.

Adding students who booked online to class:

  1. Click Booked from the Class Sign-In panel.
  2. The online bookings pop-up screen shows a list of students that have booked online.
  3. Click + to class next to each student to add them to class. Or click Add all students to class to add everyone to the current class.

Class Sign-in Grid

The class sign-in grid shows each individual student at a glance.

Membership Status Indicators show the status of the student's package.

  • GREEN: All Good
  • YELLOW: Package near expiry date or near completion
  • RED: Expired package/Student needs to purchase a new package

Panel Footer

Panel Footer

  1. The current class group is highlighted in blue.
  2. Total number of students in class / number online bookings to enter.
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