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Student Details Panel

Student Details Panel shows active student information.

Dashboard Student Panel

  • Last Visit - Shows the number of days since the student's last class.
  • Signature - This section either displays a signature or a not signed button. Click the button to sign using your touch screen.
  • First Name - Enter student's first name
  • Last Name - Enter student's last name
  • Barcode - Scan or type the barcode (make sure the cursor is in the text field before scanning)
  • Date of Birth - Enter student's date of birth
  • Email - Enter your client's email
  • Mobile# - Enter your client's mobile phone number
  • Flash Note - Flash note is always visible
  • Yes, Send notification emails - Opt-in student to notification emails such as card expiry, Absent messages, Birthday greeting.
  • Yes, Send newsletters - Opt-in student to newsletters. If this option is checked student will be added to your third party email marketing software.
  • Yes, Communication emails - Opt-in student to all communication emails from within Karmasoft. Such as class emails, email from marketing reports.
  • Yes, Send SMS - Opt-in to get SMS text of upcoming events and notifications.
  • Active Plans - Shows a list of active plans. Click on the folder to see more student details.
  • Pending Plans - Shows a list of pending plans. Click on the folder to see more student details.
  • Recent Attendance History - Shows a list of class attendance. Click on the folder to see more student details.

To add a New Student

  1. Click the green Clear/New button.

  2. Enter the student's basic information in the fields above. Click Save when finished.

If you have selected a class & instructor in the middle panel, this student will also get added to the class.

To Capture Signature

Capturing Student Signature

If the student does not have a signature on file, click the Request Signature button to send the student a copy of your waiver to sign.

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