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Auto-Pay Cards

Autopay Session is a list view of the autopay accounts at your studio and a place to manage your transactions from a customizable list view.

Auto-pay Card List

Auto-Pay Screen Use-Cases

You can use this screen to:

  • Make minor changes to accounts (if your permission level is Assistant or higher).
  • Update credit card information.
  • Update student information (by clicking the student name).
  • Manually run autopay.
  • Suspend an Auto-pay or a group of Auto-pay.
  • Unsuspend an Auto-pay or a group of Auto-pay.
  • Change the Charges frequency.
  • Filter the view by Successful, Completed and Failed plans.
  • Manually update credit card info.

If an auto-pay transaction has failed, a credit card icon will appear under a student's name during sign-in.

To update the card, click the icon and enter the updated card info.

Dashboard Autopay Alert

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