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Schedule For Students

By default Karmasoft creates a public portal for your business. Within the public portal everyone can view your class schedule, workshops, instructor bios and your store page. Students have to sign-in to view account informations and historical data.

Student Portal

In the Student Portal student are able to:

  • book classes
  • buy products
  • see attendance history

From students will be directed to your live schedule, with separate tabs to view Workshops, Instructors, and your online Store.

Student Schedule

The Schedule Page

Shows a calendar-view of your class schedule with teacher photos, details, and the option to book the class from their screen. The calendar can be filtered by branch, class, or instructor.

Students can also share your schedule on social media, using the share icon with each class listing.


The workshop tab shows your active workshops, photos, dates, text, and a registration button. To edit workshops that appear the public schedule, see the Workshop Listings tutorial.


The Instructors tab shows photos and bios for all of your teachers, including an option to see their schedules highlighted in a calendar format.


The store tab allows students to buy classes and products online. You can embed the store on your website for a full eCommerce experience for your clients. In addition, clients can buy products without signing up using Guest Checkout.

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