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Adding a Book-Now Button on Facebook

There are two ways to integrate your Karmasoft schedule with Facebook:

  1. You can embed your Karmasoft calendar/schedule into your Facebook Page.
  2. You can add a "Book Now" button.

Integrating into Facebook Page

Find info on how to embed your calendar in Facebook here:

Intergrating the schedule in an iframe.

Adding a Book Now Link to Facebook

  1. Sign-in to your Facebook business page and click on Add a Button

Facebook Signin

  1. Click on the + Add a Button

Add Button to Facebook Page

  1. Click on Book Services and the Book with you and Book Now Option, Click Next

Add link to facebook page

  1. Select Link to Website.

Facebook Schedule url

  1. Enter the url to your schedule page, workshop or store.

Your Book Now button has now been created.

This button is located at the top of your Facebook business page which your users can use to book directly via your online schedule.

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