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How to Navigate the Dashboard

In this page we will have an overview of the dashboard

Main Bashboard

The dashboard shows a complete picture of your class. Each panel displays student, class, and sales information; all the tools to manage the back end while your staff engages with students as they enter your studio.

  • Student Details Panel (left): Shows active student information like name, address, phone number, email and more. Searchable by: name, email or barcode.

    Note: You can only edit the student's name from the Students menu.

  • Class Sign-in Panel (center): Lists the class, teacher, and all students signed in to the selected class. Check-in will automatically adjust the student's status, for example deducting one class from their package and registering their attendance record. If there is no package associated with this student, a pop-up window will appear prompting a sale. Remove a student from class by clicking the trash can icon next to their name. Note: Class title and instructor must be selected before adding students.

  • [Instant Sales Panel (right): Sell products from this screen, accepting cash, credit, check, gift card, tab, shared tab, or split pay. Add to student tab account by clicking the tab icon in the upper right corner.

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