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Session Cards Status

Editing A Student Plan Status

Editing Expired, Pending, Suspended and Transferred Plans

Click the [Students] tab on the main navigation bar.

Student plans states

Display Options

  • Active - Shows current plan(s). Active plans can be suspended and transferred.

  • Expired - Shows plans that have expired either by date or number of classes remaining. Change this status by clicking on the plan, then manually change the expiry date or remaining classes.

  • Pending - Shows plans that have been put on hold. These plans get activated automatically when the current plan ends. Delete a Pending plan: From the Assets tab, click Student Plans. Highlight Pending from the drop-down and click Delete.

  • Suspended - Shows plans that have been suspended, or temporarily frozen. Plans can be suspended by clicking Suspend under the Active display. These plans must be reactivated manually to use.

    Note: If you suspend an auto pay membership it will stop the credit card payments while it is suspended.

  • Transferred - Shows plans that were transferred to another student.

    More information on transferring a package

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