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How to Use the Rest of the User Manual

Now that you and your staff are set up with the basics of Karmasoft, explore more features for your studio using this online user manual, with subsections for features like online sales, auto-pay, gift certificates, and member portals.

  1. Check out the Getting Started Guide for a written step-by-step written guide (with pictures) including sections on Groups and Product Categories.

  2. Understand every feature on your Dashboard with this collated guide to every tab on your Dashboard Navigation Bar including your schedule, students, staff, assets, activities & reports, and settings. You can also use this section to look up a specific feature or tab.

  3. Looking for something specific? Type your question or keywords into the search bar or check out the FAQ page.

Want to speak to our support team directly?

Use the dialogue bubble icon on the bottom of your Karmasoft dashboard.

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