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Class Listing

Class Listing is where you create all your classes and workshops.

Creating a new Class

From the main Dashboard click on the Schedule link on the upper right. Click the Edit Classes Icon. Then click New.

Class Listing

Step 1: Basic data

Edit Class

  • Class Image - General image for your class. The class image is display on the schedule and mobile app.
  • Name - The name of the class as it will appear on your schedule.
  • Description - A full description of the class. You can include HTML code.
  • Use Class Type - A pre defined template for class name, description, image and color palette
  • Group - Select the group to associate with this class. For more details, see Managing Groups.
  • Branch - Select the branch/location for this class.
  • Floor Plan - The layout of the room.
  • Duration - How long is the class.
  • Start Date - The time the class starts.
  • Start Time - Start time of the class.
  • End Date - The time the class ends.
  • Schedule - Class frequency, choose between daily, weekly, monthly, odd weeks, and even weeks.
  • Online - Is this class online.

Step 2: Advanced data

Edit Class Advanced

  • Capacity - Max number of students that can book online.
  • Publicly available - Check this box if you want this class to show on your online schedule.
  • Free - This a free class, anyone can book without a package or membership.
  • Payment Options - Min. Student # - The minimum number of students in this class before the per-student rate is applied to payroll. *This is only applicable if you pay your teachers an additional amount per student. Note: The tab order below Payment Options will adjust depending on your choice.
  • Min student count - The minimum number of students before the per head rate is applied.
  • Student Rate factor - When calculating payroll we multiply instructor's per student pay rate and student rate factor.
  • Bonus - Any bonus amount you pay an instructor for teaching this class, above the regular per-class and per-student rate.
  • Payment Cap - The maximum amount an instructor can make teaching this class. This does not take the bonus amount into account.
  • Rate Factor - Use the Rate Factor to override a teacher's base salary per class. For example, if you'd like a teacher to get paid more or less for this individual class, enter the rate factor and Karmasoft multiplies the instructor's pay rate and rate factor.
  • Payment Cap - The maximum amount an instructor can make teaching this class. This does not take the bonus amount into account.
  • Make all entries then click Next. to move to the next section.

Step 3: Complete Class

Select an event Color, or Select a color from your previously used color palette.

Once done click Save.

Close a Class

Closing a class will remove it from the online schedule. You can toggle any class in the class listing On or Off.

The button on the left of each class denotes its current status. To change a class from On to Off, click the On button. It will now show as off. To re-open the class, click again and it will change back to On.

Creating and edting a new class

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