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Cut time for manual operation tasks, connect with studio members and convert them, manage your staff and more - all in one accessible place

Staff and schedules management

Monitor and operate classes and staff digitally with Karmasoft fitness studio management software:

  • Customizable staff portals to manage their calendars, track work history, and book members into classes.
  • Class substitution and assignments management to keep your studio in sync.
  • Secure calculation and storage of the instructors & staff payroll, attendance statistics and more.
  • Predefined roles and permissions to assign a unique login to each employee.
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"We've been using Karmasoft for 10 years and we love it for its simplicity of use and robust features."
David P. - Director at Beach Yoga Centre

Boost sales with fitness studio management software

Provide your fitness studio members and newcomers with flexible online access to purchases and bookings with Karmasoft:

  • Create membership packages, gift certificates giving the easy way for your clients to purchase them right on the website.
  • Upload recorded classes into Karmasoft and create a monetizable online library of videos.
  • Let members buy products of your fitness studio with a customizable eCommerce store created in seconds.
  • Benefit from a fully integrated payment processing to keep in-studio, website, and in-app payments in one place.
  • Increase your monthly cash flow using flexible recurring billing with direct payment.
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Free mobile app

Monitor and operate classes and staff digitally with Karmasoft fitness studio management software:

  • Amplify your members’ experience with our custom, brand-focused mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Members of your fitness studio can book classes, reserve a spot, check remaining classes and attendance history, redeem gift certificates, and pay for products anytime, anywhere.

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Keep in touch with studio members

Karmasoft fitness studio management software provides CRM features to know your clients, interact with them at every stage of conversion, and automate marketing campaigns:

  • Segment your clients with automatic сustom tags based on their last purchase.
  • Create targeted email campaigns to boost retention: send special offers and notifications composed in seconds.
  • Leverage automated emails to alert clients when their membership is expiring.
  • Market across channels: automate social media posts, SMS notifications, share the schedule and booking tabs directly on Facebook, and more.
  • Embed class schedules, videos and instructor bios easily onto your website and enjoy real-time updates
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Track studio insights

Monitor efficiency and get deeper understanding of your fitness studio success with actionable reports:

  • Track sales reports detailed by cash flows, products, workshops, coupons and more.
  • Keep up with payroll reports for your studio staff and instructors. Set, manage and export payroll data within on place.
  • Define the most effective marketing campaigns; track converted studio members, returning/not returning clients With Karmasoft marketing reports.
  • Keep a close watch on your expenses, track attendance and daily activities to optimize resources and budget effectively.
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Provide you wellness business with a boosted efficiency with fitness studio management software

with smart sales, marketing and staff management tools that will help you grow

Cut Time For Day-to-day Tasks
With Karmasoft, you get manual tasks and paperwork fully automated in one place, keeping your whole team in sync, and allowing your coaches and trainers to do what they love.
Personalize Client Experience
Understanding the customer needs and staying relevant with your offers are significant for keeping people coming back to your fitness studio. Karmasoft fitness studio management software provides you with all features to get great insight of your clients and build long-lasting relationships.
Grow Your Revenue Streams
With flexible and accessible reports in real-time, Karmasoft fitness management software helps you to spot potential blockers to growth and make data-based adjustments to reach your business goals.
"I am a former Mindbody client. Thank goodness for Karmasoft! My clients are grateful for the easy navigation and I am grateful for the one on one assistance from the staff. Accessibility is key! If I have an issue, Karmasoft has a solution. And the timing is on point."
Nancy Clauson Kraut - Studio Owner at Nancy’s Yoga Home

What clients say about Karmasoft?

"I LOVE the KarmaSoft program! Not only is it almost half the cost of MindBody, it's also super easy to use. What I love most is being able to interact with the owner/programmer directly whenever I have questions. I would recommend KarmaSoft to any studio owner."
Rose Sabin - Studio Owner at Soul Stretch Mobile Yoga
"Karmasoft is easy to use, and you can learn 'on the fly'. Though I initially chose Karmasoft because of its low cost, I have stayed with Karmasoft not only because it works well, but also because of the people who are behind it. Try it for yourself!"
Mike Morris - Studio Owner at Hot House NH
"I am not a 'techie' and Karmasoft is a perfect fit for my boutique studio's online needs. The scheduling software is very clear and easy to use and the support offered is fantastic. Highly recommended for any studio that needs to go digital and also needs to keep that process as uncomplicated as possible!"
Pam Flynn - Studio Owner at Shakti Yoga & Barre

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. No commitment or contract is required, you pay monthly and can cancel anytime without penalty.
We do not charge per user/login. Every package includes unlimited users and data. Our prices are all-inclusive.
Karmasoft client and staff portals are designed to automatically adjust to any device. Simply sign in to your account with any mobile or tablet browser and you're all set. The Studio portal is designed to work on desktops, laptops and tablets.
Yes. We will convert your data from your previous system or from a well structured spreadsheet. We can import data from almost any source. Data conversion is always free.
Yes. We offer free support and staff training to get you started. We know you are busy, and we are happy to help anytime you need us. Free of charge, of course.
Karmasoft gym management software is available from anywhere with an internet connection. There’s nothing to install, all you need is a web browser. We recommend the latest commercial versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

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