Connect and convert

to stay relevant to students and turn first timers into loyal customers

Custom Tags

Categorize students with automatically assigned tags based on their last purchase.

This allows you to create marketing lists, email students, and perform bulk actions effortlessly.

Create as many tags as you want, so you can identify and prioritize a fast-growing customer base.

Student Details

Access the right profile to engage students: Medical alerts, notes, sales, attendance history, and more. Manage contacts without hassle.

Get great insight into every client, create and monitor follow-up tasks, and organize with ease.

A list-view option helps you navigate your list of students, searchable by name, email, and phone.

Manage Tasks

Front desk staff, teachers, or managers can create tasks, assign due dates, and edit and update status.

Keep student-focused communications on the same page with tasks. You will get a simple overview of what's due and what’s been completed.

Email Campaigns & Surveys

Increase class size and student retention with personal email campaigns.

Compose clear, actionable emails within seconds. Add calls-to-action, or link to your shopping cart, classes or workshops.

Get feedback from your clients with clear, simple and effective surveys. Track responses and follow-up quickly and easily.

Sign E-Waivers

Capture e-waiver signatures at the front desk or online. Independently capture signatures and register new students on a tablet, at the main dashboard, or at home on any device.

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Get started with tools to simplify your studio operations, automate social media marketing, and promote community relationships.

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